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HI-END brand name watches
Rolex Patek AP Cartier

A shop that buys brand name watches, pawns, consigns, sells, exchanges second-hand watches, gold models, 18k gold, Pink gold, Rose gold, Everose gold, Red gold, White gold, second-hand Rolex.

►If there is equipment to bring along, such as boxes, warranty cards, various cards, add-ons, inform the model model and condition correctly so that you can tell the price quickly and accurately, which will not waste your time. You will get the fairest price. and receive cash immediately


►We are trusted And is an expert with experience in evaluating prices, buying, selling, exchanging, depositing, consigning, selling second-hand watches, famous brand name watches professionally With sincere, transparent, honest and fair service, there is absolutely no swapping.

►Our valuation A customer brings a watch to the store. Or take many photos Line delivery angle Give details, model, model serie, condition, flaws, with/without complete equipment? Every watch We provide fair appraisals. It is said according to the quality of the actual condition.


►The store has no pressure on prices and sales. If you are still not satisfied with that price We provide professional service. Evaluate the best possible price based on condition. There is no pressure to sell. If that price the customer is still not satisfied But if you are satisfied with the appraised price, agree to trade. can receive the full amount of cash immediately


►There is a storefront and a clear location in the heart of the city. Have a license to trade antiques commercial registration certificate legally Be honest Transparent in business, trust and trust us for sure.

►If you want to temporarily turn over money in your business All you need is a popular luxury brand watch. Can be sold, consigned, consigned or exchanged with us. To further expand your business


►We are happy to be another chance to new life for our customers. Because sometimes you may face financial problems. We therefore want customers to get what they want with the most fair and fair price.

Watch brand bought


-    Rolex datejust king size, boy size, lady size

-    Rolex Oyster Perpetual king size, boy size, lady size

-    Rolex day-date king size, boy size, lady size

-    Rolex no-date king size, boy size, lady size

-    Rolex Sky Dweller

-    Rolex Submariner

-    Rolex Daytona

-    Rolex GMT Master II

-    Rolex Explorer

-    Rolex Explorer II

-    Rolex Yacht Master

-    Rolex Cellini


Preliminary purchase price evaluation

  • Customers can bring items in for us to assess the price first and then make a decision.

  • You can take pictures and send them online. Preliminary price estimation

  • Give details, model, model serie, year, box, leaflet, complete equipment? Size Condition (defect)

  • Specify the price you want to sell

Rolex, Rolex, Used Rolex, Used Rolex

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Comprehensive service for all

Buy, sell, deposit, remember, installment, delivery

There is a clear storefront, easy to travel to, and service is fast and friendly.

Used Rolex Patek Pam Catier Omega Tag only genuine

Finish talking and pay cash immediately!!

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